After Effect Demo

This is my After Effect work done at school. I done everything in AF which use many techniques such as masking, animate camera frame, also 3D view and focusing. During the shooting process, I got involved on checking and preparing  camera and scene. It was fun and I learn a lot. Software use: After Effect and Premier Pro.

2D Title

This 2D title look simple but it need animation knowledge such as easy ease in and out. In the real commercial world, moving text are common and it require good design such as when to speed or when to slow. It is the art of title. Software use: After Effect and Photoshop.

Rigging Demo Reel 2014

This is my character rigging in Maya which I create everything. I like rigging because it require art and technical skill at the same time. This character only rig the body but the face I use blend shapes. The result of this rig is working well but not good enough for me. I will improve more on rigging skill.